Codex Eye Gel Cream 15ml




  • A lightweight, cooling eye gel that hydrates and helps reduce the appearance of undereye puffiness.
    HYDRATING AND COOLING: Our clinically-proven, lightweight cooling eye gel, hydrates and helps retain moisture while Soothing dry skin with a floral scent.
  • DE-PUFFING EYE GEL: Our Bia Hydrating Eye Gel hydrates and helps reduce the appearance of undereye puffiness. This calming eye gel is great for dry, flaky, or itchy skin of all types. Apply as needed with a gentle massaging motion and avoid contact with eyes.
  • ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Whether our ingredients are extracted from wild biomass or made using biotech processes, you can be sure every ingredient is natural.
  • PROVEN PERFORMANCE: Our patented formulas are clinically tested and published to prove how our products perform. Check out our efficacy panel for detailed product performance results. We also apply current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) to our clean-room-based production process to create consistent high-quality and product purity.
  • SUSTAINABILITY, DOWN TO A SCIENCE: We are committed to the idea of environmental and social stewardship. From setting goals to have zero carbon footprint by 2025, to supporting Nagoya protocol and exercising Fair Trade, we are integrating sustainability principles into all core areas of our business.


This product contains:

  • Arnica oil, to help reduce puffiness
  • Aloe vera for skin-soothing,
  • Bladder wrack for the retention of moisture
  • Cucumber for soothing

Cooling and soothing, as well as de-puffing, ideal for the hard-worked eye. The cucumber extract contains amino acids, proteins and lipids which to help plump and calm the skin.

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